I blog about anything that pops into my head as it occurs to me. A public stream of consciousness if you will, featuring my friends, family and own experiences. Or maybe I’m just oversharing?! Either way, it’s all real and there’s a healthy dose of humor included. Well, I hope I’m a bit funny anyway.

I like the simple thing in life – good food, family, friends, sunny days, cosy socks and fruity cider. Yes, I did just list good food before family – they understand.

Not sure what else to share in ‘About’. I struggle with what label I should fall under at any given time or day, hence ‘lots of other things’. One day I could be smashing it as Wonder Woman and the next I could be channelling Cruella De Vil. But at all times, I love to write and sometimes my ramblings can make a pretty good read.

A big Thank You to the Selfish Mother website –¬†where I have cut my blogging teeth and will continue to share my words on.

Photo credits to my very clever husband…

Thanks for joining me and happy reading!!